Welcome to Brackenholme Hall

"Spring is here, eggs start to hatch...

 In 4 weeks time, we'll have our  first batch!"

2017 - March 2017 update.


Pekins: Lavendar, Mille Fleur, Lemon, Cuckoo, Black, Mottled, Partridge, Columbian, Buff, Blue.

Wyandotte (bantam): Gold Laced, Silver Laced, Blue Laced

Cuckoo Marans (bantam).

I do not sell day old pure bred chicks or hatching eggs any more.

All our pullets are raised outside in grass pens (or Victorian walled garden for the Pekins if wet year), fed on GARVO feeds from day 1 and wormed. Subject to any DEFRA restrictions.

It takes considerable time, space and expense to raise chicks in a manner that I feel appropriate, and with the best feeds in the market place.

They do not live in pens that are used relentlessly on poached, tired ground, or overcrowded indoor conditions. Their homes and paddocks do not 'smell' bad.

The growth of a hen, and therefore the rest of her productive life is determined by the nature of the start in life she has had. Our chicks are raised on GARVO 1075 from day olds, because I believe this is the best feed I can provide them.

At week 3 this is mixed with Alfamix 1080 whilst still on heat. (Week 2 for large fowl)

Once off heat our young are in large grass rearing runs, which are frequently rotated to fresh ground, with houses cleaned out CORRECTLY every week using BLISS bedding, and cleaned using FS10SC, fresh water every day, and GARVO Alfamix Chick 1080 mixed with Hen Grower 714 during this age. They are also wormed using FLUBENVET. We provide as stress-free life as possible during the crucial growth stages.

Yes, there are likely much "cheaper" hens out there, some raised in questionable environments. If you do not appreciate the respect, time and care we take raising our hens, simply put - do not buy from us!

I do not do 'tours' of our farm or birds due to bio security and 'site security'. I post images frequently on Facebook and our website of the growth stages of the birds, of their homes and their availability.

Birds are released for sale at a minimum of 15 weeks of age, I only sell Hens (females). Facebook and our "POL Now" pages are kept updated with when birds will be released, we operate a first-come, first served basis.