Welcome to Brackenholme Hall

 Updated 6th July 2017**

See our "Starter Packs" for all new to hen keeping!

Hybrid Hen Prices 2017

1 - 5 Hens £15.00   6-10 Hens £14.50   11-20 £14.00   21+ £13.00

Please note: Bantams will be released on 15th July, further info shortly!

Please remember to bring pet carriers or suitable cardboard boxes (we do not supply)

  • Gingernut Ranger - 4 available @ 19 weeks old.
  • Buttercup - not available sorry
  • Amber -  8 available @ 19 weeks old
  • BlackTail Red - 4 available @ 19 weeks old
  • Speckledy -  1 available @ 21 weeks
  • Blue Lady - 3 available @ 19 weeks
  • Pied Lady - not available sorry
  • Copper Black Hybrid -  3 available @ 19 weeks
  • Light Sussex Hybrid - 6 available @ 19 weeks
  • Miss Pepperpot - sold out
  • White Ladies (Leghorn) - 2 available @ 19 weeks
  • Columbine (Mixed egg colours green, blue, pastels) - sold out

All the above hens live out Free Range. They live in "chicken village" a collection of smaller houses, low stocking density and are free to make their own decisions in life.  They have plenty of fresh grass, trees etc... to keep them busy in a varied habitat. 

ALL our hens are fed GARVO Feeds from DAY 1 here, because we believe "You get out what you put in"  we have done this for the past 6 years and continue to do so.

Hen Reviews ~ please see links in dark brown above for the different breeds/types hens info pages

 All Hybrids Vaccinated a comphrehensive list can be provided upon request. All hens are wormed.


We do not pre-box hens prior to purchase, but prefer to allow our customers to choose their own hens, from in their hen houses. We leave them shut in on Saturdays in order to be able to catch them, they are free range the rest of the time.

We inspect with you prior to boxing up for transport home. We do this to ensure you are happy with your hens BEFORE placing them in your transport container to take home. Due to the nature of LIVE creatures, we can not accept back hens once they have left the property, as we have no control over the environment the hen enters into once they have left our premises. Hence, it is important that you inspect the birds you have chosen PRIOR to placing in your transport container, by placing the birds in such container, you are accepting them as suitable for your requirements, and accepting responsibility for their ongoing needs and welfare.

Any issue one may have with a hen needs to be reported immediately within the 24 hour period, on either 01757 638925 or 0795 6060 228.

You are purchasing a living, breathing hen, who has specific requirements.

It is your responsibility to the hen to ensure you have a good basic knowledge of her needs, the correct environment and observe the quarantine period if adding to an existing flock (see below), also access to a vet who treats poultry.

We will help you in terms of 'aftersales' but please bear in mind we are not vets, nor can we, or will we, diagnose over the phone/email/text.

If there is any way we can help post-purchase we will do our best, but please bear in mind that we can not spend hours on the phone, email or text everyday all day. We try our best to help where we can.

For matters of health, please make your vet the first point of call.

We love to keep in touch with our customers, and more than welcome updates and especially names of hens!


Here are our conditions of sale for Poultry:

1.0 Dates for collection are as per our stated opening hours (click here to view) we do not reserve hens.

2.0 All birds will be identified as pure-bred, part bred, or Hybrid (commercial)

3.0 Payment can be made via Debit Card (free) or Credit card (3% surcharge) or cash during opening hours. We do not accept cheques sorry.

4.0 Please note that there is a limited number of birds each month, and offer is subject to availability of our hens. (see POL Hens for availability - updated weekly)

5.0 Payment and collection must be on the specified dates.NO exceptions. 

6.0 Please bring your own carry cases/boxes for collection.

6.1 We do not pre-box poultry, we ask that you come and choose your own birds who we will catch for you, infront of you, and inspect the birds with you.

6.2 By inspecting and containing the birds for transport, you are accepting the birds to be fit, healthy and suitable for your own environment.

6.3 We can not be held responsible for what happens to the hens once they are placed in your travel arrangements, although we will refuse to place birds in completely unsuitable objects.

6.4 Your set-up and management of your hens once home is out of our control, their care, welfare and needs are your responsibility, please ensure you can honour this responsiblity before purchasing hens. We can not offer any guarantee for more than 24 hours for hens once they have left our premises there are simply too many variables in the equation.

7.0 All Hybrid birds are vaccinated to Freedom Food standards - a full record can be provided upon request