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Pied Ladies

If you are looking for a lovely big, pretty hen who lays very well, and has just the most docile, gentle temperment - then these girls are for you.

They may be 'large' for a hybrid, but their gentle, easy manners soon make even the most nervous novice feel confident around them.

Perfect if you have a child who is perhaps a little cautious and needs a gentle hen who won't invade personal space or be too enthusiastic to see them. (Not all small people enjoy being chased by an enthusiatsic Gingie!).

A house of more generous proportions for these "Fuller Figure" ladies please.


CHILD FRIENDLY 8/10 Easy going, calm hens despite their larger size

HARDY 9/10 good strong birds in all weathers,

EASY KEEPER 8/10 great routine keepers may dislike change to routine!

EGG LAYING 9/10 Good sized eggs, excellent quality and pastel shade too.

BEST KEPT: Very adaptable, will tolerate more confined lifestyle. However a more generous proportioned house for her 'fuller figure' required.