Welcome to Brackenholme Hall

Gingernut Ranger

Probably one of the best hens to have around novices, slightly nervous and of course, young children.

Great introduction to hen keeping, VERY friendly, children are like magnets to them, messing in the garden and any activity that may result in a tasty treat.

Extremely tolerant of being handled. Love to help with the gardening. Don't seem to destory plants but are more interested in the bugs on them.

In terms of plummage, not the most attractive compared to more fancy types, but more than make up for it with their HUGE personalities and superb egg laying performance. We haven't met a 'grumpy' one or a 'pecker' yet:)

Highly recommended as a good first hen, you will love their characters.

They make no effort here to flap/fly onto any high objects, if they don't make it back to roost they simply come to the back door and wait there so we can put them to bed. 


How can you not love "Gingies"?!!


CHILD FRIENDLY 10/10 superb pets!

HARDY 9/10 good strong birds in all weathers, some dislike high winds

EASY KEEPER 9/10 great routine keepers may occasionally forget to go to bed!

EGG LAYING 10/10 Tredmendous - good breakfast guaranteed all year

BEST KEPT: Very adaptable, will tolerate more confined lifestyle.