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A Step to Self Sufficiency"

Producing your own table birds can be both a rewarding and highly productive experience, but is often very hard to 'get started' and few places offer you not only the day old chicks, but the complete feed package, back up and support to help you from chick to table.

With the ever increasing awareness of how our food is produced large scale, many people would like the opportunity to raise their own meat, and the table bird is the ideal candidate. Requiring less space than beef or lamb.

Here at Brackenholme Hall we are pleased to announce our 'complete package' for raising a healthy bird for the table, including a support pack on the daily 'how to' best practises and all the feed required.

Our aim is to help many make the biggest step of all in their quest for self sufficiency, that is to produce 'meat'. Our complete package, including high quality "Garvo" feeds will help you to produce a table bird for considerably less than one would pay for the "finest" free range table birds in the super markets today.


Package = 3 Chicks, 1 x 5kg Chick Pellets, 1 x 20kg Finisher Pellets = £22.00

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or tel: 01757 638925