Welcome to Brackenholme Hall


For all of Creation there are often some unexpected souls who bless us with their presence.

Some are a result of a cockerel sneaking into another pen, or perhaps a result of genetics from a time long ago coming back to show us in all their glory.

However our little friends come about, we love them all the same. It's just they don't quite fit into one of life's "Boxes" that we like to label everyone with and place them in.

All our Unique friends are perfectly healthy, happy, well reared birds... we simply don't have labels for them.

Each hatching season we have some who do not fit into a breed box, and we place them here, to await their own unique soul drawn to add them to their family.

There have been some very unique beauties over the years too.

I'll update should we have any 2017 beauties!