Welcome to Brackenholme Hall

Miss Pepperpots (Rhode Rock, Nero, Black Rock Hybrids)

Here is a popular hen, and I think often because the name most commonly used is cute and memorable.

These hens have so many names it's hard to keep up with them all.

I have five of these hens living here and they are excellent layers, good all year around birds, tough as old boots and pretty much look after themselves.

HOWEVER - these are not hens that accept confinement, they will pace about like a trapped tiger in the zoo and this stress also affects their laying.

Our own hens enjoy roaming the farmyard, right down the fields and through all the 'livestock pooh' of varying kinds. They are active bug-hunters and will spend their days roaming about. This is VERY important to bear in mind when deciding whether or not this type of hen is right for you.


CHILD FRIENDLY: 6/10 ~ not really in all honesty. Arms length is a preferred distance.

HARDY: 10/10 ~ Very hardy, good hard feathered birds who like to be out all weathers

EASY KEEPER: 8/10 ~ YES in the correct conditions for this hen

EGG LAYING 9/10 Eggcellent! - Will keep going all year around.

BEST KEPT ~ Free ranging - not a fixed pen of poached ground but truly free ranging over large areas.