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Black Marans Hybrid

For those who have read my "Hybrid -V- Pure Bred", these are commercially bred hybrids, not first crosses from our pure bred stock. These are birds bred selectviely for calm temperment, excellent yield (Egg production) and lower feed costs.

A fantastically calm hen, I bucked against the idea of these girls for quite awhile, being a breeder of big, stocky, pure bred Marans I simply couldn't possibly have these girls too. However, last year when we tried them for the first time, I took back my words.

Friendly, gentle, often comical hens. Great common sense (like a Marans) and a nice plummage. Some will lay a darker egg, but it isn't guaranteed they will be super dark but some just tinted. I say enjoy these hens for their irridescent plummage rather than expectation of a dark egg. They also tolerate a little more confinement than the Pure Bred Marans.

Hats off to these girls, and well worth being an addition to a mixed flock. Good, calm non political hens in terms of temperments.

I am still building their page, awaiting the elusive sunshine for some photos!



CHILD FRIENDLY 7/10 Depends which hen, some are 'squatters' others keep back

HARDY 9/10 good strong birds in all weathers, shelter from rain though

EASY KEEPER 9/10 great routine keepers always first to go to bed!

EGG LAYING 8/10 Lovely eggs, tinted through to darker, good numbers too.

BEST KEPT: Very adaptable, will tolerate more confined lifestyle.