Welcome to Brackenholme Hall

Sussex Hybrids

Very friendy and talkative birds, we have one who sits in a bucket as you walk around, very funny. Another who likes to lay her eggs in the recycling paper box!

Tolerate being handled if you can catch them and interact with children once caught. Easy to stroke if you have mealworms to hand.

Good layers which vary in numbers, not the most prolific laying machines, but certainly high numbers of good quality eggs consistently.

Highly rated by poultry keepers and great birds to own as are generally quite tough and self sufficient.

Don't wander off far at all but do like to move around so small runs not really suitable.


CHILD FRIENDLY 7/10 Once you catch one they are happy to be stroked

HARDY ~ 9/10 Very little problems, good resistent birds

EASY KEEPER 8/10 Can pften forget where their coop is, but easy to put to bed.

EGG LAYING 8/10 Lovely eggs, good refular layers with excelletn egg quality

BEST KEPT: Happy with some confinement, better in larger spaces as can show signs of stress