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The Blue Ladies

Here is a hen with more names than most. She is often called "Bluebelle" (a copyright name by one company), a Blue Haze, Blue Rock ... we simply call her "Blue Lady"

As a breeder of Blue Marans, I bucked against these blue hybrids for a few years, but and it's a great big BUT - in 2012 we raised some, and I admit to having fallen in love with them.

BIG, beautiful girls, docile, kind and endearing. Not a bad word to say about them really.

They joined in Luke's latest venture of "chicken agility showjumping" (he was only 5 years old). Easy for little hands to pick up despite their size, and gentle when being interacted with. No problems with child interaction, will very much be part of the family, and she really has been thoroughly tested here!

Plummage to rival some pure breds, some with 'a bit of fire' through their chest plummage - stunning!

Plummage ranges from "Welsh Slate" to "Pale Lavender", so an eye catching selection of blue tones.


CHILD FRIENDLY 10/10 Superb pets

HARDY 10/10 Good strong birds in all weathers, healthy resistent hens

EASY KEEPER 9/10 Great routine keepers may occasionally forget to go to bed!

EGG LAYING 8/10 Tremendous size and quality, and lays well through winter

BEST KEPT ~ Very adaptable, will tolerate more confined lifestyle