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Black Tail Red Hybrid

Or, in our family, they are all called "Baby Helgas" after our very old black tail hen. (She is now of pensionable age!).

I am in the process of building their page, ratings and gallery,

The first thing one notices about these girls is their amazing metallic sheen to their plummage, give any 'shampoo girl' a run for her money. I'm very fond of these hens and find them great, hardy hens who enjoy our company (especially if we are gardening).

Great sized egg once she is in full lay, moult well and produce well afew seasons on too.


CHILD FRIENDLY 8/10 some more friendly than others

HARDY 9/10 good strong birds in all weathers,

EASY KEEPER 9/10 great routine keepers, and do like their nest boxes (thankfully)

EGG LAYING 9/10 Good sized breakfast egg all year

BEST KEPT: Very adaptable, will tolerate more confined lifestyle.