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White Hybrids

Beautifully sweet little hens, probably the smallest of the hybrids. We say she resembles a pretty dove.

However, this is not to diminish her laying capabilities, and the size of the egg she lays. Plus the bonus too is that the eggs are a beautiful pure white. Their yolks are fantastic as a result of their desire to graze on vegetation, so this is crucial that they are kept in conditions that best suit the hen.

Our experience with these hens are that they are a little skitty to start with, but once settled into life here with us become tame and docile fairly quickly, and once they come into lay seem to settle very well indeed.

Not really suitable for a life of confinement as these are busy, active birds that thrive best in large areas with plenty of grass and vegetation to graze on. I would not recommend these for a situation where the birds will spend the majority of their time inside a garden house/run setup, or small enclosed runs that are never rotated.


CHILD FRIENDLY 5/10 ~ can be docile but skitty, busy hens, prefer to be left alone

HARDY ~ 8/10 Good all year ~ can be prone to frost bite on large comb/wattle

EASY KEEPER ~ 8/10 may hide eggs, very self sufficient hen

EGG LAYING ~ 9/10 Superb, White eggs

BEST KEPT ~ Free ranged with plenty of fresh vegetation. Does not suit confinement