Welcome to Brackenholme Hall

Amber Ladies

What can we say about her? She is cute, friendly, hardy and a great layer.

She passed the 'child test' with flying colours. Luke (my Son, photo) loves these birds, they are keen to see what you are doing, easy to handle, put themselves to bed at night and are not in the least bit flighty.

If you are looking for a great first pet, or hardy, attractive layer, then Amber is perfect for you. We rate them almost the same as the Gingies in everything, just a blonde plummage and a little less energetic than her red headed friend. Sweet lovely birds.

We can not recommend them highly enough, when young they remind me  of 'little doves'.

Always enthusiastic to see us in the paddocks, help with the mucking out, do the gardening and generally see what is happening in day to day life.



CHILD FRIENDLY 10/10 love to interact, great for families

HARDY 10/10 sound birds, healthy and no issues experinced. Some prefer to stay in when snowing (so do I!)

EASY KEEPER 9/10 no problems experienced. Occasionally when young take time to figure out roosting

EGG LAYING 10/10 - no faults, fresh breakfast and superb quality

BEST KEPT: Adaptable to a more confined lifestyle or free ranging happily