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Speckledy Hybrids (CouCou)

A lovely commercial hybrid again with her looks set to appeal to those who like the appearance of a Cuckoo Marans but prefer the lighter build, cheaper feed cost and increased productivity of the hybrids.

VERY likeable birds, with super markings, and a slightly more placid temperment than her pure bred cousin.

She isn't the first to dash to join in most family activities, and is a slightly reserved hen in her temperment, which for me is somewhat endearing.

She has etiquette and style, and is sometimes a drama queen if things get abit excitable.

Plummage-wise there is a huge variety, some mottled like their pure bred cousins, others brighter and lighter and very eye catching. It's always good to come and see who catches your attention.

Eggs can be a lovely rich brown colour covered in wonderful speckles (hence her name), but we haven't noticed anything on the dark end of the egg scale.

She enjoys the vegetation, a good bathe and lounge about in the sunshine, as well as an active full on chase of a butterfly in summer. In all a nice alround hen, who will bring an attractive range of plummage to your flock.


CHILD FRIENDLY 6/10 Not forthcoming where little hands are concerned.

HARDY ~ 8/10 All year round she is out, no real issues here.

EASY KEEPER ~ 9/10 Very good self sufficient and sensible hen, goes to bed like clockwork!

EGG LAYING ~ 8/10 Reasonable numbers with a lovely shell

BEST KEPT ~ Out in a good sized run, some confinement time is OK but on a short basis