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ETON Poultry Feeder & Drinker Set - 6KG/6Ltr Size OUR PRICE FOR THE SET £15.00 RRP £21.99

ETON Poultry Feeder & Drinker Set - 3KG/3Ltr Size OUR PRICE FOR THE SET £9.00 RRP £15.99

ETON Poultry Feeder & Drinker Set - 1KG/1LTR Size OUR PRICE FOR THE SET £5.00 RRP £6.99


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Medication/ Cleaning Products

BATTLES LOUSE POWDER (a permethrin based product) 750g RRP £13.42 OUR PRICE £12.40

HARKERS COXOID 122ML RRP £8.20 ~ our price £7.45 

IVERMECTIN "SPOT ON" MITE TREATMENT 0.1% 10ml  RRP £15.25 ~ our price £12.65

IVERMECTIN "SPOT ON " MITE TREATMENT 1.0% 10ml  RRP £27.30 ~ our price £24.89

 F10SC Disinfectant (Veterinary Grade - used in vets) 100ml - perfect from Egg Wash, hatchery, through to Hen Coop. One of the only products in this group of brands of products to be comphrensive against bacteria, spores, funghi and most viruses known to man. TOTAL SPECTRUM ACTIVITY PRODUCT. Aldehydes and iodine free.

Testing done by: SABS, SAIMR, ARC, Inst for Animal Health, Vet Institute, Vet Faculty Poultry Kab.

We use this product ourselves, excellent econmonics and perfect hygiene results.

100ml Product Available (does 50ltr) RRP £11.63 OUR PRICE £9.75

SMITE KOKZI 750ml Spray & 1ltr Concentrate

Good, useful product, it reads well, has correct testing and certainly does the job. Handy as NO MIXING this size!

 750ml Spray RRP £7.25 (inc vat) Our Special Introductory Price £6.00 (inc vat)

 1ltr Concentrate RRP £36.49 9inc vat) Our Special Intro Price £30.00 inc vat