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Garvo Range of Feeds For Ducks & Geese

We stock a range of feeds produced by Garvo for Ducks and Geese, their needs differ from poultry and thus an appropriate feed needs to be provided to keep your web-footed friends in good health.

If there is a GARVO product for Ducks/Geese that you require but is not stocked, please ask, we are happy to order any product for our customers!

For Young Growers

805 Waterfowl Starter Mini Pellets 20kg RRP £17.93 Our Price £16.50

816 Waterfowl Grower Pellets 20kg RRP £15.74 Our Price £14.50

Every Day Duck & Goose

831 Duck & Goose Basic Pellets 20kg RRP £12.84 Our Price £11.40