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We stock the Agrivite range of supplements for poultry, we do not use millions of products with all kinds of claims. We keep it simple, and use tried and tested (by ourselves) products.

Vet Recommended Product:- (recommended by UK leading Poultry Vet Victoria Roberts www.vicvet.com)

Nutrimin Cider Apple Vinegar

  1ltr RRP £3.99 OUR PRICE £2.99      5ltr RRP £9.99 OUR PRICE £8.00

Apple Cider Vinegar WITH GARLIC 1ltr RRP £4.75 OUR PRICE £3.99 

If there is one product worth it's weight in gold, it is Cider Apple Vinegar.

Recommended use is once a month for a week in the drinking water of your livestock

Chicken Lickin Grit Blocks 150g

These blocks are perfect boredom preventers for poultry who are required to live a more confined lifestyle, where their ability to scrat and glean for food may be restricted, these products are excellent for allowing mental stimulation for your confined hens.

Contains: Grit (aid digestion), Oyster Shell (egg shell quality) and Maize (lovely treat).

We have a great offer on these products: RRP £1.95 per block

1 Block £1.50         4 Block Pack £3.00         10 Block Pack ONLY £9.00

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Breathe 'N' Thrive,, Herb "N" Thrive & Calm N Thrive. (Stocked on Saturdays please ask)

Before buying any of the supplements we supply, please consider your management regime in relation to your poultry. Supplements are powerfully effective at keeping a healthy bird exactly that, healthy, but all part of a good management routine.

If you would like help in regards to the most suitable management routine, please ask, we are more than happy to help you and your birds.

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